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Why choose us

Established in 2000, we have produced many bespoke air handling packages to suit a wide variety of applications.

A tailor made product

A tailor made product

We look at each individual project from a blank canvas and work with our clients to produce a tailor made product to suit their exact requirements.

Technical expertise

Technical expertise

Our in house technical expertise along with our flexible approach enables us to offer a totally unique service to our clients.

Excellent service

Excellent service

Each project is handled with the utmost professionalism and our distinctive personalised hands on approach ensure an excellent service is carried out in a friendly and outgoing manner.

Carefully designed

Carefully designed

All our products are carefully designed to be in accordance with ‘ERP’ and all the latest building regulations and relevant legislations.

What is an Air Handling Unit?

Air handling units (AHU’s) provide conditioned and controlled air movement throughout a building. A typical CLP Air Handling unit will clean the incoming fresh air, temperature condition and provide a measured amount of flow of air into the building distributed via a ductwork system. 

All equipment is designed to fit through the specific available access, delivered to site, positioned and fully assembled by our own engineers.

Our specialist flat pack installation team have fitted units into the tightest near impossible locations.

Unrivalled fast track delivery

We like to pride ourselves in our flexibility to achieve stringent lead times. We have stepped in numerous times to fulfil voids caused as a result of others not being able to fulfil a project and help out customers needs for emergency / fast track projects. 

Unit types

All units are fully custom built to client requirements to ensure the best solution for a specific application. Our units are designed for reliability and efficiency effectiveness. 

We have supplied AHU’s for the following sectors:

  • Hospital specifications
  • Swimming pools 
  • Clean rooms 
  • Universities 
  • Laboratories
  • Office ventilation 
  • Retail 
  • Hotels 
  • Data centres 
  • Server rooms

The importance of Air Handling Units

It is important to have Air Handling Units to provide good air quality, comfort, humidity and temperature levels into the building both for the benefit of the personnel and the building fabric. It is also important to select the correct type of equipment to ensure the system is as cost effective and energy efficient as possible. 

Ecodesign Directive

CLP Air Handling are able to provide AHU’s to be in compliance with Ecodesign Directive 1253/2014/EG which is applicable to all residential and non-residential ventilation units. Generally, the legislation forces the industry to provide units with lower velocity, lower specific fan power, increased energy efficiency all resulting in lower overall energy consumption. 

CLP Air Handling will work with our customers and advise them of the latest guidelines and how it affects us the manufacturer and them as the installer in respect of the physical size and design of the AHU. Typically in virtually all cases the cross sectional area of an AHU in the year 2014 to one selected today will be larger. 

We work with our clients to provide them with the required information they require and assist them with selecting equipment that is suitable. 

 A summary of the directive is as follows: 

All AHU’s shall be equipped with a variable speed drive (inverter) or electronically commuted (EC) fan motor. We will advise the customer that a suitable controller is required and provide the option to either provide one themselves or include one as part of our package.  

All bidirectional supply and extract AHU’s should have heat recovery. 

Heat recovery systems (thermal wheels and plate heat exchangers) should have a minimum thermal efficiency of 73%. Plate heat exchangers should be fitted with a by-pass facility. For run-around coil systems 68% is the required efficiency. When a run around system is deployed a suitable pump must be used to ensure the system runs to the correct efficiency. 

The specific fan power should not exceed a stated level which is determined based on the AHU application / components and whether the system is for a new or existing building. 

Applicable standards

BD EN 13053: Ventilation for buildings. Rating & performance for AHU’s, components and sections. 

BS EN 1886: Ventilation for buildings. AHU mechanical performance (air leakage). 

EN ISO 16890: Air filters 

BS EN 13779: Ventilation for non-residential buildings 

EN308: Heat exchanger test procedures