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Benefits of multi EC fan wall technologies - CLP Air Group

If you have a new or retrofit AHU fan, you may be wondering what benefits multi EC fan wall technology could have on your air handling unit. In this blog post, we look at the benefits of multi EC fan wall technologies, and how they can benefit AHU fans specifically.

1. Future-proof your fan

Fans often fail, or require maintenance work, at the most inconvenient times. Multi EC wall technology is beneficial as if a single fan failure occurs, the other fans can be temporarily increased to cater for any losses from the faulty fan. The faulty fan can be changed quickly and easily, but whilst repairs take place you do not have to operate or suffer without a fan.

2. Replace large belt-driven centrifugal fan systems

Multi EC fan wall technologies can be used to replace large belt-driven centrifugal fan systems. Large belt driven centrifugal fan systems are not only outdated, but they are also often expensive to run and difficult to repair and find replacement parts for. Updating your large belt-driven centrifugal fan system to an EC fan wall will, therefore, help you reduce your energy bills and any maintenance costs currently needed to support your fan system.

3. Easy maintenance

As multi EC fan wall systems are made with the latest technology and advanced materials, no heavy-duty lifting equipment is required for the installation or maintenance of a fan wall. This means a fan wall can be installed quickly and easily and can be placed in an area where space is not at a premium.

4. Reduce energy consumption

As previously mentioned, an EC multi fan wall can help you reduce your energy consumption. This not only helps to reduce your energy bills but also reduces your environmental impact. In today’s world, businesses and households are facing increasing pressure to ‘go green’ and an advanced, more efficient fan wall system can ensure you do this and do not waste energy powering an outdated fan system.

5. Increased functionality

One of the primary benefits of upgrading an AHU fan with EC fan wall technology is to gain increased control and functionality over your fan system. With simple controls, that allow you to manage the fan system effectively, you can control the temperature, duration and use of your fan system more effectively.

Which fans can benefit from EC fan wall technology?

Any number of fans can be fitted with EC fan wall technology without the entire system needing to be replaced. If you’d like more specific information about how to upgrade your AHU fan system, you should contact an expert for a consultation.

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