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School AHU Refurbishment - CLP Air Group

We’re once again very proud to complete another successful AHU refurbishment project. This time for a local school in Yorkshire during half-term.

The AHU project included the following work;

  • Full internal clean.
  • New filters Gas heater safety inspection, service and new control parts.
  • Panels fully re-sealed
  • New gaskets
  • New access panels
  • Weather lid fitted (The original AHU was not intended for external use and should not have been fitted for the application).

You don’t have to spend a lot to save a lot.

Previous to the works the panels were leaking badly and the gas heater running inefficiently. The internal clean, new filters, modulating gas heater interface and new seals will provide energy savings and improve the general air quality as the school enters the new term.

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